dotProject-CVS Integration Project

Welcome to the dotProject-CVS integration project. In a nutshell, this project provides some cvs handlers (or "triggers') written in Perl that will update your dotProject database with data entered at checkin time.

This software is available to you under the terms of the GPL (General Public Licenese).

Notes: I am currently figuring out how to setup the project for it's initial release into the wild.

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A mailing list, dotproject-cvs-developer has been created with MailMan.

To checkout a copy of the source code, run these two commands on your development box:

  1. cvs login
  2. cvs -z3 co -P modulename (modulename either 'dotproject-cvs' or 'web')


Developer - Anthony Ettinger. You can read my blog to learn more about me.


This project was originally started in 2004 and written by Anthony Ettinger while employed at Vinq, LLC on contract to Fannie Mae Foundation. Thanks to Mark Torrance of Vinq, and Troy from FMF for granting me the permission to release this software into the wild. The above mentioned are no longer affiliated with the dotProject-CVS project in any way.


Donate to this project All donations will go 100% towards the Open Source Initiative (OSI) charity. Payment can be made via PayPal.